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Steady to Wing Shorthairs: AKC German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

About AKC German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

Steady to Wing Shorthairs is proud to announce a successful repeat breeding of our proven Dam, Lady Zoidocious (Zoey) to our #1 choice of stud, Zig-Zagging Zeke (Zeke) on 8/25/15.

Puppies are estimated to be born around 10/19/15 to 10/25/15

Puppies are estimated to be ready to go to your home around 11/30/15 to 12/5/15. This is an excellent time to get a pup ready for the 2016 bird season.

To Reserve your pup, call or text us at 435-915-6829 or visit us at Reservations are $150 with the balance due when the pup is picked up. Females are $600 and Males are $550. Reservations go very fast once the announcement is made, get yours today.

References from the previous pairing of these two are available on request. Zoey is available at our kennel for observation at about any time, Zeke is available with a little advance notice.

Lady Zoidocious (Zoey)

Zoey is a stylish 45 lb female with classic GSP looks. She's a phenomenal bird dog with a fantastic nose, big drive, and a bird sense that's almost scary. She's a natural hunter like no dog we've seen before. Zoey has a proven history of passing these traits onto her pups. Zoey comes from an impressive set of champion lines; visit her page on our website for further details.

Notable Names in Zoey’s Pedigree
• Sundance’s Hearts Are Wild FC AFC
• Quail Ridge Sundance Rusty FC
• Dixieland’s Rusty FC AFC HoF #1 FC Sire
• Uodibar’s Koonas FC NFC HoF
• Uodibar’s Iron John FC
• Rosehills Bilbo Baggins FC
• MRK’s Western Outlaw FC
• Ane Und Evolutions Sparkler FC AFC
• Beier’s Evolution FC AFC NFC NAFC HoF 1996 Sire of the Year
• Aces Prima Banane FC
• Skeeter’s Bruno Von Verrige (MH) FC AFC
• MRK’s Western Pride FC
• 2x NSTRA Ch. Fitz’s Clown Around Boo
• 21x NSTRA Ch. Fancy White Trash

Zig-Zagging Zeke (Zeke)

Zeke is a BIG dog at about 70 lbs. He is an awesome bird dog that gets the job done. He hunts with a ton of style, covers alot of ground, has a rock-solid point, and is a natural retriever. Zeke is highly biddable and thus is a joy to train and be around. Zeke also comes from an impressive set of champion lines, visit the Planned Litters page of our website for further details.

Notable Names in Zeke’s Pedigree
• Windjammers Tess FC AFC
• Wrenegade's Gabriel FC AFC
• Rawhides Clown x2 NFC FC
• Von Der Feld Go With Gusto FC AFC
• Dixieland's Luke FC
• Rockin Rollin Billy FC
• WindJammers Pride FC AFC
• Dixieland's Rusty FC AFC HoF #1 FC Sire
• Stradivarius Baroque DC AFC
• Jigs White Smoke FC
• Rawhide's Jossie Wells FC
• Wolfswiese Radbach

As this is a repeat breeding, we are highly confident in the quality of these pups. The previous litter from these two, showed exceptional attributes throughout. For more info and photos of that litter visit our website.

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