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Strongpointkennels: AKC liver roan GSP puppies born Oct 2016; excellent pedigree

About AKC liver roan GSP puppies born Oct 2016; excellent pedigree

Strongpoint Kennels is proud to announce the birth of a healthy litter of GSP puppies born october 3, 2016. These beautiful pups are the combination of two prized bloodlines fully known throughout the gun dog community, Top Gun and City Slicker. The pedigree speaks for itself. The sire is well decorated with 13 out 14 master hunter titles throughout three generations. The dam is no stranger to excellence with four master hunter titles, one National Gundog Champion, one National Field Trial Champion, and two Field Champions throughout three generations. With this exceptional combination between the two bloodlines, these puppies will surely dominate the fields, whether it be for sport, or for field trial.

"Duck" gave birth to 8 males and 1 female. It is expected that this litter will be predominately liver&Roan with a few white and liver patched and ticked. Do not miss your chance on an exceptional litter that has produced previously titled pups. Pups will be available around the first week of December just in time for Christmas. Total cost for pups will be $900.00. Currently we already have a deposit for the female choice, so male is available. In order to hold your position  for selection, a $250.00 non refundable deposit is required. We begin the selecting process at 4 weeks.

What can you expect? The German Shorthaired Pointer puppies will be available for release to your home at 8 weeks after whelping. They will have their tails docked and dew claws removed. They will receive all of their up to date immunizations and deworming, as well as microchips installed. All puppies will have full AKC registration already paid for. Each puppy will have a puppy kit which will include their first collar, puppy contract, puppy packet with important information, and a 2 day supply of Purina Pro Plan Sport Dry food. At 5 weeks, we will begin potty training as well as small introductions to birds to ease the transition into their new home. Our puppy contract will outline the responsibilities of the breeder as well as the buyer. All puppies will have a 12 month congenial disease or structural defect clause with full refund or replacement. This will not include communicable diseases. After the sale, we encourage our buyers to maintain contact with us with any questions, pictures, etc. We also encourage potential buyers to be informed of the breed prior to commitment.

Quail, Pheasant, Chukar, Kennel
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German Shorthaired Pointer
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